Hello My Future Art Viewer,

I wish to leave here a few words about me and my art, with the hope that I won’t bore you, too much 🙂
Without you, my art would not be complete, it looks like we have each other. I started doing art because I didn’t like maths and I couldn’t stop drawing.
Initially, I really liked the idea of making something out of nothing, like a magician. Then, I felt like a gardener who plants seeds through his artwork in this social and cultural context.
I later found out that this is an expression of the freedom that I feel the urge to exercise. And if I squeeze other things into it, such as a service to humanity and sustainability and a little bit of entertainment, it’s that much better.
All people who try to create deserve to be encouraged. I let my inner child guide me, I try never to lose the pleasure of making stuff, of playing seriously.
At this point I want to apologize to my mother, because I no longer paint beautiful paintings, focusing now more on meaning than how it looks like. As a child I had extra energy, which I had to spend somehow.
I grew up at the same time as the rebirth of Romania after the Revolution which overthrew Communism in ’89.
I spent the first part of my childhood, with my Serbian granny with the Danube river flowing behind our garden. I am Romanian and I was able to get to know the Serbian culture, and now I am grateful to have the opportunity to have a British art education at University of the Arts London.
Being used to moving around to study the arts, and meeting teachers who believed in me, left a great influence on me.
A game-changing moment in time for me was the advent of the internet, other areas that have contributed to my development are graffiti, graphic design, industrial design, web design, puppetry and theater artsit. I found something intriguing in a blank sheet initially, later in white walls, after in untouched canvases or other materials and now in empty spaces.
For me, contemporary art is what can get my father out of his state of calm. I think an artist who always repeats the same recipes is a creatively dead artist . Art cannot be defined; art is a feeling…
The things that have shifted my perspective are: the movie ‘Avatar’, the discovery Franz Kafka’s book calld ‘The Artist of Hunger’ and the admiration of Constantin Brancusi, the father of Modernist Sculpture.
In my pieces, I like to combine: 50% my concept + 40% reinvention of meaning through personal experiences of the visitors + 10% hidden secrets details {fact inspired by the works of art of two of the XVI th century artists, Michelangelo in ‘The Sistine Chapel’ and Hans Holbein the Younger ‘The ambassadors’ }.
I love the combination of traditional techniques (carved in stone and wood) and the latest technology (use of digital softwares and gadgets). Through multidisciplinary lenses I like to be generous in art and always reinvent myself and be unconventional.
I believe in the natural progression of the journey continuous change dominates my desire to be always up to date, to make what is called Fresh Art.